What's New

Updated 5-14-08

Added Davidisms to the main page.  Happy 10 years!

Updated 10-13-07

Updated Libertarian Propaganda by adding a lot of Ron Paul stuff. =).

Updated 5-2-04

Updated pictures in My Ugly Picture Gallery in Me/Friends.  Added a seciton for Late 2003 to Mid 2004 pictures of me.

Updated 5-2-04

New domain, www.ninomiya.org for my whole page.  Also updated slighly The Advanced Guide to Making Money in Neopets, which is named "Neoland Guide" because the real title won't fit on my main page, heh.

Updated 11-17-03

Finally updated. A whole bunch of changes, so I apologize if I missed any of them.  Added Libertarian Propoganda, my journal, made up a new section, Previous Main Sections, that has all the older sections, and added the third edition to Short Stories for Annie.  Also changed the About this Page a bit.

Also added a few theories, the New Friends Make Better Friends Theory, Political Factions Theory Observation, Self-Esteem Matching Relationships Theory Observation, Two Wrongs Frequently Make a Right Theory Observation, Why we all can't "Just get along" Theory.

Added The Advanced Guide to Making Money in Neopets on my main section.

And finally, moved the site off brinkster, and just used my University of Hawaii account, since brinkster started putting ads on their site.

Updated 12-12-01

I took my page down for a few hours, cause I got word there was a complaint about it.  However, I don't like censorship, and I don't feel there's anything wrong with anything on my page, so I put it back up a few hours later.  This is America, and having opinions and preferences are what this country is all about.  If someone doesn't like it, great, they can have their own opinion too.  However, one should never silence their opinion because of someone else's opinion.

Updated 9-1-01

Added a random quote to the intro page at www.fly.to/theseus

Updated 8-14-01

Have some cool Unix tricks for Advanced users of UH Unix.  They're over in the Advanced UNIX Tips/Tricks in UH Unix in UH/RAPS.

Updated 7-31-01

The 2nd batch of Short Stories for Annie is up.  have fun =)

Updated 7-26-01

Updated my picture gallery with some . . . current pictures.  I look the same though, at least I think I do.  Check out My Ugly Picture Gallery in the Me/Friends section.

Updated 7-22-01

People seemed to like the Short Stories for Annie section, especially annie =).  I was talking to her online, while she was reading the stories.  After waiting for 10 minutes for a response, I wrote something else, and she was like "woah, I didn't even realize you msg'd me, your stories are so engrossing".

I moved my site to brinkster.com from xoom because xoom will be cancelled at the end of July 2001, so yeah . . .

Have some new theories, in case you didn't notice.  The "you are smartest at age 16", the "virginia, god, and meaning of life", and the "quiet children" theories.

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