My theory consists of two parts.  The first part of nothing totally works meaning that whatever action you take or any action made in the world will hurt anywhere from someone, some animal, etc.  In “win-win” situations, there are still losers.  It will be hurt the people benefiting from the original bad system because someone fixed it.  Ex. A pollution free fuel will help everybody breathe easier, but you put the air inspectors out of work.  You also put respiratory doctors, their nurses, and their secretaries out of work.  If all crime stopped, all police will be out of work.  If all diseases are cured, doctors are out of work.  Even if you were to buy something, someone else won't be able to buy it and other customers will have to wait for you in line.

The second part of the theory says that any action, no matter how bad it seems, will benefit somebody.  Any tragedy, or something where “nothing good came from it” will benefit someone.  Even the holocaust, which was a tragedy, was beneficial.  We advanced medical science from the experiments that the Nazi’s performed on the Jews.  Let’s say if I were to die right now.  This very second.  My parents would suffer emotionally, but benefit financially because they would not have to pay for college.  Whoever is reading this theory, pretend that your friend dies.  People below them move up one position at their job.  If they have no job, the government pays out less welfare.  The cremation guy or cemetery will make money.  If an asteroid comes along and kills everyone on earth, all misery on earth will end.  Also, some people will, depending on what religion you believe in, go to heaven, the happiest place, not on earth.

That is my theory, that nothing ever totally works and nothing ever totally fails.

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