This is something I just thought of, but I'm not sure what inspired me.  It says that your judgement of someone's personality affects your perception of a person's health.  I mean, once you get to know someone, especially in relationships, you trust them to touch you, or to drink from the same can of soda, to hug or kiss them or whatever.  Why do we do these things?  We do them because we like their personaltiy, so we trust that since they have a good peronsonality and we like talking to them, we trust that they have no germs or viruses and stuff to speak of, so we embrace them or touch them.  Things we would never do to strangers because they could be "dirty" but because we know someone's PERSONALITY, we think they are cleaner.

The same things happen online.  Just cause you know someone online, you send and recieve files from them, without thinking anything of computer viruses.  I mean just cause you know them online, we assume that their computer is not infected with a virus, whereas a stranger on the internet seems much more dangerous.  Why is this?  Same reason, we like their personality, so we assume their computer is virus free.

I mean sure, your friends won't intentionally give your a computer virus or a cold, but it happens.  How does it happen?  It's all because you assumed that since they have a good personaltiy, they must be free of germs or viruses.

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