BY DAVID NINOMIYA, with help from MARY LEE, RON PUNZALAN, and many other friends.

I have always kind of wondered what is the meaning of life, but never really gave it much thought.  I mean if all these great thinkers couldn't get it, how could I?  However, one day I gave in and tried to figure out what is the meaning of life?  I solicited advice from many friends because this would be a difficult, if not an impossible question to answer.  Sadly to say, I did not come up with a good meaning of life answer, but I'll give you the results of my quest.

The best answer I could come up with is that some higher force, "god" was bored and wanted to entertain himself (thanks Mary).  Stupid?  Maybe, but can you do better?.

My friend Ron had an interesting observation.  Assuming you believe in "god", then one and only one of these three can be correct:
A) God is omnipotent (all powerful)
B) God is omniscient (all knowing)
C) Both and humans are useless

This is because if he's all powerful, he doesn't know enough, and needs us to achieve that knowledge.  If he knows everything, he's not strong enough to achieve his mission.  If he's both, then we're kinda useless to him, and it goes back to Mary's theory that we're here to entertain him.

My own theory is that people confuse goals of life and the meaning of life.  The meaning of life isn't to be happy or to be rich or whatever, those are goals.  The meaning of life (according to me) is the MEANING, why are we here to begin with.  I doubt we were created to be happy or to be rich.

So what's the meaning?  Most religions or cultures believe there is a higher purpose of being on earth, like why we are here.  That reason has been, and will be debated for years, but basically let's assume we're here for a reason.  Makes sense right?  It might be assumed that this is the meaning of our lives, to do something, or believe in this "thing".  Either to believe Jesus is our savior, to reach enlightenment, to worship Allah and pilgramage to Mecca, etc.  Something to do, or something to believe.

Now imagine a little 3 year old girl, Virginia.  She dies.  Now I don't wanna say her life had no meaning.  I mean she didn't believe in Jesus, reach enlightenment, pilgramage to Mecca or whatever, but it's not her fault.  She did however affect others, and maybe that's it.  The world with you in it subtract the world without you in it.  The difference you made in this world is what gives your life meaning.  I don't know about this, because this means that humans bumping into each other like lemmings is all there is to our lives.  The whole purpose of our life is how we affect others (which is more acceptable to non-religious people I imagine), but it's kind of disappointing that there's no higher meaning yeah?

Anyway, those are the theories I came up with.  I can't think of how to combine the higher meaning of life and giving Virginia's life meaning into one, complete meaning of life theory.  With this in mind, the best answer I got was that god was bored and wanted to entertain himself.

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