People debate the existence of 'The One'.  'The One' being the person that someone is meant to be with.  Destiny by fate or the stars.  Some people believe we were meant to be with one special person, and that fate will bring you two together.  Others believe that there are many people that could be 'The One', they just have to find them.  The thing about 'The One' is that 'The One' will change depending on where you are in your life, and where they are in their life.

A guy or girl could be perfect for you.  Match in every way, yet this is 5 years ago.  Through bad, good, or random experiences of one kind or another, they change, and you also change, and since you don't grow together, what once would have been a perfect relationship is only lukewarm at best when you do meet.  This person could have been 'The One', yet now they are merely good enough to be friends.  The opposite is also true.  If you met them today, you would not have gotten along, but if you meet in a few years, or even maybe a few months, you would click better than any other couple ever has.  It just has to do with timing, so 'The One' depends on what your personality, situation, attitude towards life, etc. are at that moment you meet.  You could even meet 'The One' at one point in your life, don't see each other for a while, both of you changing over time, meet them again years later, and be perfect for each other.

That's why it is impossible to say that only a single person, or a set number of people are 'The One' for you.  That's also why people could feel someone is 'The One', yet months or years later think "no, they aren't right for me".  Attitudes change, especially when you actually start a romantic relationship with someone, and get to know them a lot better.

So yes, there is 'The One' for everyone, at everytime.  It's just that it could change from day to day, depending on infinate circumstances in our lives.

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