When a person is born, their parents or whoever has legal authority over them makes all their decisions for them.  As they grow up as children, the authority figures continue to make decisions for the child.  This is done with the presumption that their decisions are made with the best interest of the child in mind.

Children may disagree with the adults decisions, suggestions, or orders and tend to argue.  However, being both smaller physically, younger in age, and without the mental comprehension of such ideas as logical reasoning or rationale, they have little evidence to counter the adults, and grudgingly accept the adult's decision, forced or not.

When children grow up further, and become teenagers, it becomes a problem, and more conflicts arise.  However this time, an adult's answer of "because I said so" or "cause I'm your parent" just doesn't cut it.  Teenagers want reasons.  Real reasons.  Real logic as to why adult's answers are the right one.  Rightly or wrongly, the teenagers feel as if they are on equal footing with adults.  And, rightly or wrongly adults don't see things that way, and feel that teenagers are still "children".

It is difficult to watch your children make bad decisions in life.  But if you allow a child to make bad (but minor) decisions, they will learn from them, and when you do take a stand and give advice, it is more likely to be taken seriously than a "don't do this cause I said so" and "don't do that cause I said so" opinion.  Telling someone NOT to do something only makes them want to do it more.  And a constant barrage of telling teenagers to not do things will only make them want to do them, if for no other reason than to spite adults.

Everyone thinks that teenage rebellion happens when teenagers start to defy their parents.  To "live their own life", to "break free" if you will, going against adult's idealistic standard for teenagers, and calling any deviation of it a "rebellion".  I disagree.  I think it has more to do with adults treating teenagers like children.  Granted, adults know more through years of experience, and only want the best for their teenage children.  But it's that attitude that they are children, and treating them like children is what causes teenage rebellion in the first place.

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