This theory is a culmination of just talking to my friends over the years.  I have many smart friends beacuse it's easier to succeed if you surround yourself with succeesful people.  After hearing their life experiences, as well as those of my average intelligence friends, I have come to an Observation Theory about the correlation between quietness as a child, and success in the future.

It may not come as a suprise to you that it's usually the quiet children in elementary school that get good grades later in school.  I noticed this a while ago, and I'm sure others have too.  I think that everyone gets louder as they get older.  When you are small, you tend to listen to the bigger people in your life, teachers, parents, etc.  However, as you get bigger and more rebellious, you tend to want things your own way, and so you demand it.  Practically everyone gets louder and louder.

Kids who are louder initially will just keep getting louder and louder till they annoy adults and their peers.  They do not respect authority, and become the stereotypical "ills" of our society.  If your child is quiet, that's a good thing.  Since almost everyone gets louder as they get older, they'll probably be at that good amount of loudness by the time they're pre-teen or teenagers.  Once they blossom, they'll be talkative and successful.

Piece of advice to elementary school teachers who tell parents in parent-teacher conferences that their child is too quiet.  Don't worry, they'll be the most successful high school and college students later.

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