Everyone complains that in a political entity, everything is too "political".  People don't like political parties in the sense that they pressure their members to vote with the party, rather than having individual representatives "vote their conscience".  I am here to tell you that under a 51% majority rule, representative democracy, these ideals will never come to pass.

Basically, you need political parties, or factions.  It is rare that 2 people will fully agree on anything, let alone something as complex as a piece of legislation.  Even more difficult is half of the entire chamber agreeing.  This is why you need to form alliances, make compromises and ultimately pass legislation that 51% of the representative body can agree on.  To do this, you need political parties or factions.  You need people willing to say "I'll help you on this bill if you help me on another bill".  Otherwise, people voting their conscience will cause no bill to ever be passed.

So next time you see political deal making, or wonder why "partisan politics" are around, yeah, that's why.

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