Pessimism is better than optimism.  Pessimists look on the bad side of things and think things will always go wrong.  This better prepares them in case something actually does go wrong.  Pessimists have lower expectations in life, so they aren’t so disappointed when things don’t go according to plan.

Optimists expect more because they have more faith in things and are more disappointed when things go wrong.  They also don’t take as many precautions in life because they believe that things will work out in the end.  They also expect things to work out in the end, so they are are much more disappointed when things go wrong.  This is why pessimism is better than optimism.

I have since changed my mind about this theory to Optimism is better than Pessimism (thanks in part to Og Mandino's “I will persist until I succeed” [please read it, it's very good]).  Basically I look at it now as if you're pessimistic about something, then you tend not to try things expecting failure.  Yeah, you're not as disappointed in life cause you expect failure, but because you do, you don't do anything, so you will never succeed.  I believe that “regret is worse than rejection” cause it's better to be rejected and feel sad for a while than regret it forever.  Also, if you try something, you have a chance of being successful, if you don't, all you have is “what if?”.  This is why having a more positive attitude will generally lead to you trying stuff, and that will give you a greater chance for success.

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