Why is it that when you make a new friend, you seem to have so much to talk about, even though you have so much more history with friends that you have known for much longer?  Could it be that you have exhausted all of your old conversation?  That's a definite possibility.  I mean there is only so much that two people can talk about, so that is partly the reason.

However, I believe that it has more to do with relativity, and people "growing apart".  The "old" friends that you have known for five or ten years are cool, and you know them and trust them.  It's just that you chose to be friends with them based on your respective personalities of five or ten years ago.  Plus new friends are exciting, you get to learn about a whole new person, you think the best of them and everything.  As you get to know someone, you tend to find ideological differenes between both of you, and personality traits that you could find annoying.  With new friends though, you don't notice these things immediately, and it could take months or years before they really start to annoy you.

The main things though is that personalities change.  Whenever you make a new friend, it is with people that share your interests at that point in your life, so you relate much better.  That's why when you talk to "old" friends, maintaining the same level of interest, and being able to relate to them regarding different subjects is sometimes difficult, since you both view life differently than you did five or ten years ago.  And unless both of your personalities change together (rare), it will be harder and harder to relate as time goes by.  Those friends that can "grow together" make for the best lifelong friends. 

I know I have lots of "old" friends.  They are cool and I still love hanging out with them.  I sometimes wonder though, would I still be friends with them if I met them today?  My personality and their personality has changed so much.  We are no longer the same people that became friends all those years ago.  Generally, I believe that's why new friends make better friends.

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