This theory observation says that giving luck and curses to someone is not real.  Lucky charms don't give luck.  Let's say that I curse you or give you bad luck by . . um, having you read this theory.  Like abacadaba, you're cursed for the rest of the day, I mean this IS the 13th theory I put on my page.  You might now attribute anything bad in your day to my curse.  However it isn't a real curse, but if bad things happen to you, you might blame my "curse" for it.  In reality those bad things would've happened anyway, but might just blame them on the (ficticious) curse.  That's how most curses "work" . . . or don't really work.

The same is true for good luck, anything good that happens to you is attributed to good luck being given to you instead of the real cause (coincidence).  You cannot transmit luck in any way, shape or form.  You might have more self confidence because you have this (ficticious) good luck and because of that good things happen to you, but that is like a self fulfilling profecy and the "luck" you received again isn't real.

I am not saying that there is no luck, there is.  I mean for some guy wins a jackpot, there's no skill, it's just luck.  If he thinks a lucky charm gave him the luck to win, he's wrong.  I don't care if his kid made him a lucky bracelet, he found a lucky rock or if he believes his toothbrush is lucky, it doesn't matter.  Those things can't transmit luck, it was a lucky incident, but nothing could've "given" him luck.

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