I often see really popular, attarctive girls being good friends with really pathetic guys, or worse yet going out with them.  Generally guys will be extra nice to pretty girls because guys are just like that.  I'm sure girls are extra nice to handsome guys, though I don't think it affects the guys as much.

Anyway, because guys are extra nice to the pretty girls, those girls tend to have a good feeling towards humanity, but guys specifically.  Girls may be nice to these pretty girls, or jealous, but it doesn't matter, at least not for the purposes of this theory.  Basically guys are nice to the popular girls, and vice versa.

Since pathetic guys generally don't have too many friends, they will hang out with whoever they can.  Who are they?  The popular, pretty girls who are just being nice since guys have treated THEM nice, they probably feel they should be nice to everyone.  Also, these losers tend to devote a lot of time to these girls, since they don't have many other friends to spend time with.

There's also the factor of the girls feeling sorry for the pathetic guys, but I'm not sure how strong that argument is.  Anyway, this is my explanation as to why so many loser guys tend to be good friends with popular girls, and even go out with them.

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