My Library Theory Observation is based on an observation that I've made at the Kaimuki Library, in Honolulu, so it may not hold true at other libraries, but here goes.  I've noticed that a great majority of the people at the Kaimuki Libary can be classified into three sections.  First, young girls.  Second, intermediate or high school students.  Third, old men.  I can't truly figure out why this is, but I'll try to explain why I think this is.

I notice that there's usually young girls, like elementary school girls, and think it's because they are interested in learning and reading, while young boys are not.

As for students, well, it's cause they need to do research on school projects, so that's easy.

As for the old men, well, I think this is the hardest to explain.  I think it's cause they don't socialize as much as old ladies, so they're alone.  Since they're alone, they might as well go out to the library than hanging around the house, or maybe they're out of the house in the first place cause their wives are socializing and told them to get out.  At an older age, maybe males tend to read in their spare time more than females do, which is why at an older age, there are more males than females.

I really don't know if this theory is true or not, but this is more of an observation, not a true theory.

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