This theory states that the most intelligent girls are the prettiest, or best looking.  It DOES NOT say the best looking girls are the most intelligent.  It just doesn't work that way.  Anyway this theory took a while to develop cause unlike previous theories, I actually asked people their opinions and took it into consideration.  Most other theories were just on my own.

Anyway here's how it goes.  I feel the smartest girls are the best looking.  The smarter a girl gets, generally she looks better, but not always.  For the most part however, the smartest girls look the best.  Take the math teams.  I mean there are/were really pretty girls on it, and if you look around the caferteria on any math meet, you see tons of pretty girls.  Also the regents.  I mean these are like some of the smartest girls in the state, and most are super pretty.  This theory does not apparently work for guys.  The smarter guys do not tend to be better looking, well, at least this is what I deduce.  I'm not going to go into a whole lot of stuff about what makes a guy good looking .. . that'd seem odd.

Ok, now for the theory of why this is the case.  Well there could be a bunch of reasons, but here's mines.  The smarter girls (sorry if this sounds racist) but they tend to be of um, light meat color.  Like more of the ligher colors, white or light Asian.  Any hate mail, you know where to send it.

Also, if a girl is smarter, they have more to live for, and more going for them, so they might as well look good and take care of their looks right?  Just a theory.  Also smart girls tend to know more, well, cause they're smarter.  I feel in genral smarter girls tend to come from better backgrounds.  Like better family life and upbringing than those that don't do so well in school.  Well with better upbringing and manners, they don't rebel against normal customs.  They tend not to do things to decrease their looks like tatoos, too much make up, tongue rings, etc.

Well that's my theory, if you disagree, join the club.  =P

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