My (Stupid) Theories

Chicken and Egg Theory

Everyone's Jumping Off a Cliff Theory Observation

Finding 'The One' Theory

Gay Theory

Girls Should Marry Guys 5 Years Younger than them Theory

Giving Luck and Curses Theory Observation

Intelligence - Prettiness Theory

Library Theory Observation

Looks, Money, and Liking Someone for Who They Are Theory

Loser Guys and Popular Girls Theory

New Friends Make Better Friends Theory

Nothing Totally Works, Nothing Totally Fails Theory

Pessimism/Optimism Theory *flawed theory initially, fixed it

Political Factions Theory Observation

Quiet Children Theory Observation

Self-Esteem Matching Relationships Theory Observation =)

The Cause of Teenage Rebellion Theory

The Convenience Factor Theory

Tree Falling in the Woods Theory

Two Wrongs Frequently Make a Right Theory Observation

Ugly Theory Observation =)

Virginia, God, and the Meaning of Life Theory

Virus Theory Observation

What Girls Want Theory Observation

Why we all can't "Just get along" Theory

You are the Smartest at around age 16 Theory

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