Well here's a theory that observes from a trend of things I notice about what girl's actually want from a guy.  I am doing this from a stand point of straight girls cause I never had the pleasure of talking to a lesbian to see what they want, or to sense what they want.  In anycase, here goes.

I believe what girls want is, in a nutshell, another "girl".  Not an actual girl, but rather a guy who is more like female than male.  Not a gay guy, but I found that in general, females seek out guys with female characteristics.  By female characteristics I mean those that are considered by our society to be more female than male emotionally, not physically  =P.  Let me explain.

I have observed (not from anyone I feel like naming without having a few unfriendly words yelled at me) that girls seem to want more female traits.  Like they want a guy who listens, who is more caring, who understands them (who understands girls better than girls themselves).  Basically, all the things girls complain a guy having too much of, or not enough of, girls have it.  There's the theory, girls want "girls".

Ok, now you're wondering about the opposite, which I will disprove right now.  Other than the fact that maybe guys want girls to be more male when it comes to physical activity like sex or something, I think guys want a girl.  They may act all macho and things to not seem weak, but actually would want someone who is caring and nice and nurturing.  I seriously doubt any guy would want a girl who is masculine and ultimately more of a male than themselves.

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