This theory is going counter to what most people say they look for in a mate.  Looks?  Personaltiy?  Intelligence?  Nice Hair?  Money?  Well, those don't matter as much as convenience.  If you really, really think about it, most of what you look for in a person is "are convenient to you?", in terms of location and acceptability of your friends, family and society.  Sure looks, personality, etc. matter, but it's all second to convenience.

I believe everyone has a kindrid spirit or a soulmate on Earth.  The person you were meant to be with and would instantly connect.  However the odds you will ever find that person on an earth with 5 billion people is rare.  You will basically settle for someone who comes *pretty close* to it.  They will do the same.  You will do this because it is more conveient to have someone who you think is pretty good, as opposed to perfect, because that is easier than scouring the Earth for your true kindrid spirit.

Age is also another matter of convenience.  You may be a lot older or younger than someone you could truly be happy with, but it's inconvenient to marry someone a lot older or younger.  One of you will die a lot faster, leaving the other alone, and you will take a lot of grief from friends and family.  Also, at vastly different ages, you have different goals in life, and those might conflict as well.  Another is language, well that's obvious cause it is much more convenient to be with someone who speaks the same language as you.

In general, it is who is convenient to you that determines your future mate more than anything else.  For all of you wondering about love, think about this.  You don't love someone to start, you develop a love for the other person after time, but initially you go out with them cause they're convenient more than anything else.

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