If you think about the expression, “So your friends are doing it huh?  Well if everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you jump too?”  Visualize “everyone jumping off cliff”, what did you think of?  A bunch of  mindless lemmings just walking off a cliff for no good reason right?  Well that's not what is going on.

This is why the jumping off a cliff or into a fire or whatever isn't right.  Well imagine “everyone jumping off cliff” and I mean EVERYONE.  Billions of bodies, millions more jumping off a cliff, everyone you know, jumping.  Now you might think that  “hey, I don't care what they say, I'm not stupid, I'm not jumping.”  However that's where peer pressure comes in.  I mean initially you wouldn't do something, but your friends say it's fun or whatever and you do it.  I mean there are reasons that everyone would jump off a cliff . . . you just need the right convincing.  Perhaps the world is about to end, and rather than suffer for days is a burning, smoke filled, desolate earth for weeks till you die, you rather jump off the cliff like everyone else.  Perhaps for some religious reason, your leader, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, etc. tells you to jump cause god or whoever will save you and take you to heaven.

That's why the analogy to “if everyone is jumping off cliff . . .” cause in that example no one is convincing you.  With peer pressure, people are trying to convince you so comparing it to the image of mindless lemmings walking off a cliff without thinking is wrong.

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