Well this theory is one that say basically, that girls should marry, or at least be with guys about 5 years younger than them, that is if you go for a stricly biological standpoint.  I know in reality this will never happen, but if you want to do things according to nature, it should.  Of course when have humans ever liked doing things according to "nature"?

The two main reasons why girls should marry guys about 5 years younger than them is cause first, they die later, so to make their deaths coencide, they should marry younger guys.  The second is that girls reach their sexual peak at an age much higher than guys, so to "match" their sexual eagerness, girls should marry younger guys.  I think it's like mid-late 20's or even as late as early 30's when girls reach their sexual peaks.  Guys reach it in their early 20's, though it could even be earlier, like in their late, late teens.  To make that coencide (alone with their deaths) girl should marry guys about 5 years younger than them.

I'm 18 right now making this theory.  I'm pretty sure I don't want to go out with a 23 year old, and I'm sure they wouldn't want to go out with me.  Basically cause of the maturity factor, cause girls at the same age are way more mature than guys.  This theory is speaking from a strictly biological standpoint.

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