Here's a funny story from the wedding--the bouquet toss.

It's funny how younger generation weddings always end up having people NOT wanting to catch the bouquet...I swear the majority of the ladies were trying to stand in a spot where the bouquet will likely NOT get tossed to. I was trying to be one of 'em too but I was the unfortunate one standing in the middle because none of my friends want to let me squeeze in between them.

So there goes the bouquet tossed up in the air. The next thing I knew, I felt two hands on my back pushing me out from the crowd. I looked up and there I see the bouquet aiming at my direction (uh-oh). So I ducked as fast as I can, the bouquet landed on the person in the back of me. (whew!) I quickly turned around and started making angry faces to those owners of the pushy hands and laughed it off eventually.

From the audience point of view, however, it was a different story...I was told that it looked like I was the ONLY person running for the bouquet, and when I missed, I got pissed off and started yelling at the ladies! (that's just so wrong!!!)     

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