I was locked out of my hotel room because the latch on the door had somehow swung in and locked me out.  I call security, and while I'm waiting for someone to arrive, I begin to wonder how he's going to open the door.  I think that since he probably gets a lot of calls like this, so there is some special tool that they use to open the latches on doors.  Maybe it was special tool that glides its way through the door and unhooks the latch.

After waiting around for 20 minutes, the security guy finally shows up.  Rather than have some special tool to unlatch the door, he examines the situation for a moment, then looks inside his tool bag.  He takes out his pliers and rips the screws out of the door.  So much for a "special" tool.  At first I'm startled by this, but then I begin to think, and get rather upset.  I mean man, I could've done that.  I didn't have to wait around 20 minutes for that guy.

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