The bathrooms in the convention center are side by side.  I was about to go to the bathroom, when I see Josh looking around in the woman's bathroom, then leaving.  I give him a funny look, and he's clueless as to what's going on, until I point out to him the WOMEN sign.  Josh is like "holy shit", . . . and just starts laughing and walking away.

I ask him about this incident later, and he says that he thought the men's bathroom was on the right side.  I then ask him the obvious question, "what were you doing just looking around in the bathroom?" (since he just looked inside for 5 seconds then left).  He said that he wanted a urinal, was looking around for one, but since there were none in that bathroom, he decided to leave.

I was later thinking about this, and I should've asked him why didn't he just use a stall, or after I pointed out the men's bathroom, why not use the men's room (with urinals).   However, I have decided it is best to just let the incident be and never speak of it again.

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