I was suffering from jet lag from the Honolulu to Atlanta ride over, so I went back to the hotel early that first day.  I was lying down on my bed, hugging my pillow like I normally do before I go to sleep.  As I was closing my eyes, I heard the sound of a fly buzzing.  I tried to just shoo it away, but since it's just a small hotel room, it eventually came back to my area and kept buzzing near me.  I realize I must catch it or kill it because it will keep bothering me, and I need to get some sleep.

There's an expression that you will catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar.  I thought I heard somewhere that flies can sense sugar like one speck per thousand of cubic feet of air, though I could be wrong.  I walked around my room looking for some honey facsimile to try to catch this fly.  In the end, I found a coffee maker with sugar, ground up coffee, and a Snickers chocolate bar.  I opened the sugar packet and put it into the ice bucket, keeping the lid off, and hoping the fly would be fly in so I could trap it.

This plan seemed good, but after 10 minutes, there were no results.  It even flew around me twice rather than go for the sugar.  I guess I should've taken the fly buzzing around me as a compliment that I smell better than sugar (or as an insult cause I know flies also like circling around dog crap).

Plan B.  I had a rather large plastic bag that I was using to carry my shoes in.  Since this fly kept buzzing around my sweet smelling body, rather than the ice bucket with sugar, I figure I might as well try to catch it directly with this bag.  After a few unsuccessful attempts, I finally catch the fly in my bag, and am feeling very happy.  The question now is, what do I do with it?

During this whole process, I was watching TV, and it was the first episode of NBC's (now cancelled) "Lost".  The show wasn't that good, but good enough for me to keep watching till the end.

So rather than go outside and get rid of this fly, I just held it in the bag and kept watching the show.  I was rather worried though, because my bag had a few small holes, and I was afraid the fly would escape from it.  Rather than put the bag into the ice bucket, which, looking back, would have been the smart thing to do, I just held onto that bag for ten minutes.  When I finally went outside, I decided to just put the bag into the rubbish can and be done with it.

I left my room, but just as I took a few steps outside, I realized that my key was still in the hotel room.  I ran back to my room, and luckily, for some reason, the door didn't close all the way.  I guess it makes sense, the room that enabled a fly to enter its premises would have doors that wouldn't close huh?

The thing that really sucked after I got back into my room though, was that by now, I was super awake after this ordeal, and so I watched TV for another hour.  They should change the adage of "you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar" to something like "you can catch more flies with a big bag than with honey."

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