At interop, we had to help out one of the vendors, and so me, Sid, Cynthia, and Josh went.  I think there was a problem with the cables, and we had to wait for the construction people to re-string them from the roof.  We each have our own walkie-talkie, but since this job is mostly waiting around, not all of us are needed.

Sid goes and does something else, maybe 75 feet away, behind some of the booths.  I'm left with Josh and Cynthia, and those two decide that they want to go look for free T-shirts.  Since they are super greedy, they need both hands, so they leave their walkie-talkie's with Sid, who's sitting on the other side of the booths.

Cynthia comes back to show me the new T-shirts she got.  She also borrows my walkie-talkie to call someone, saying she'll give it right back.  She then proceeds to walk away from me, leaving me all alone, with no means of communication.  It was quite a lonely experience.

I think at this point, she wants to go get more free stuff, so she drops off the walkie-talkie near Sid, and goes T-shirt hunting.

At this point, Sid wants to call me over, so he does, but hears an echo. Since all the walkie-talkie's are next to him, there's this surround sound of his own voice, and no one answers his call.  I'm not sure how, but somehow I got blamed for this whole walkie-talkie fiasco.

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