Short Stories for Annie

The "Initial" 17 Short Stories -CL, DN, JL, JW, RP, SS

The "Next" 10 Short Stories -Anonymous, DN, JW, NY, TM

Badge Story - CH

Campus Center Story - SK

Chemistry Class Story - DN

Cheesecake Story - CH

Duct Tape Story - SP

Disneyland Story Part 1 - EC

Disneyland Story Part 2 - EC

Hotel Story - DN =)

Interop Story 4 - DN

Interop Story 5 - DN

Interop Story 6 - JK

Religion Class Story - DN

Restaurant Story - DN

Wedding Story - CC
Barney: Tell it again Homer
Homer: Wow, you guys are hanging on my every word.  I wonder why stories of degradation and humiliation make you more popular.
Moe: I dunno.  They just do.


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