Jodi's friends threw a small hotel party one evening, and in attendance was a small group of her friends, and a small group of friends that we knew.  Her friends were all a bunch of jokers, and seemed to be having a lot of fun when we arrived.  Some were talking, while others were watching TV.

One of them went out onto the balcony and another guy quickly closed the sliding glass door behind him, locking him out of the room.  A good laugh was had by all in the room.

The poor sap who was locked out was making faces, banging on the window, and opening his mouth and pressing it against the glass, trying to gross us out, and garner attention towards his predicament.  One of the guys at the party stood up, and walked towards the sliding glass door.  Rather than be the good charitable fellow and open the sliding glass door like we all thought he was going to do, he instead pulled the curtain, thereby eliminating the effectiveness of that guy's antics.

At the exact moment this was happening, where our hero was being locked out and curtained off, there was a Snickers commercial on TV (Snickers the candy bar).  As the curtain was being closed, we heard the Snickers' candy bar line, "Not going anywhere for a while?  Grab a snickers".

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