A few months go by since Disneyland Story Part 1 and my friend Gator and I are still working at Disneyland.  We are 17 at the time, but had a few too many beers to drink.  It was evening time, and we were just about to leave Disneyland when this security guard notices us staggering by.  He's being totally cool and is very polite when he stops us.

He just asks us what we were doing, and we tell him that we had a few beers, but were leaving.  Gator was a tad more blunt, when he kept telling the security guard "screw you, we're leaving, just leave us alone".

This other security guard comes by and starts asking us a few questions.  He asks for my ID, and saw my name, Erik Cummings.  It's dark out, so I don't get a clear look at the security guard's face.  Plus I've had a few beers, so I'm not all with it.  The security guard keeps repeating my name though, Cummings, Cummings . . . Erik Cummings . . . where do I know that name?

Suddenly an epiphany hits him.  Erik Cummings!  Didn't I tell you to never return to the premises?  I tell him that he is mistaken, he told me to just not return to the hotel.  He did not seem amused, and we got sent to Mickey Jail in Disneyland.

Mickey Jail is an interesting place.  There's bars and it's like a prison, but there's big pictures of Mickey and Goofy . . . smiling at you.  I think that's the most disturbing part, you're in jail, and there's these big cartoon characters smiling at you.

They start questioning Gator, but all they get out of him is profanity.  They then talk to me, and realize that we were not causing much trouble.  We were both fired, and left the park.  Since we were both rather wasted, we decided to just leave the park, and lie down in the grass field near Disneyland and think about life.  You would think that this is probably the last place that one would have a life changing revelation, but it happened.

I realized my life wasn't going anywhere, and Gator was still swearing, saying that he has to change his life, and was going to join the Marines.  He didn't follow through with that, but I thought to myself, hmm, join the Marines . . . and that's why I joined the Marines.

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