I was working at Disneyland with my friend Gator.  I was working at one of the restaurants, but my friend Gator was working somewhere else.  One day, I saw this girl, and she started to talk to me.  Since I was working that day, I told her that I'd give her a personal tour of Disneyland tomorrow, and I did just that.

As the day was ending, and I was in her hotel lobby, I saw these 3 guys.  One of them was my size, standing in front of me, then one guy, bigger than me, on my right, and another guy, smaller than me, on my left.  The guy my size starts saying that the girl I was with, Michelle, was his girlfriend.  I turn to her, and she said she had never seen this guy before in her life.

I smelled alcohol on their breath, and I knew there was going to be trouble.  At this point I'm sort of facing towards the right a bit cause I'm bracing for a hit from the guy my size who's complaining about "his girlfriend", or from the guy who's bigger than me.  Out of nowhere, the small guy hit me, and when I turn to him, the bigger guy hit me.

I fall, and the big guy is on me while I curl up trying to block the hits.  It's 3 vs. 1, so there's not much I can do.  At one point, the punches stop, and I look up.  I see a crotch above me, and I was going to hit it, but then I look to see who it is, and it's my friend Gator.  He is a black belt in taikwando and he kicked the big guy and is not standing over me, protecting me.  Gator chases the guys out of the hotel and security rushes to help me.

Security comes to help me, and are all apologetic and asking if they can do anything for me.  Since this happens in the hotel lobby, they think I'm a guest there.   Once they find out I'm an employee, their attitude changes.

Why are you not at work?!

It's my day off.

Oh . . . .

Why are you starting a fight?!

They started it.

(Interview guests nearby . . .)  Oh. . . .

Why are you picking up girls?!

At this point, Michelle steps in and says something like "Hey!  You guys are treating him really badly, and what do you mean him picking me up, I picked him up!".  She then proceeds to yell at them some more, and they back off.  At the end, he says "Well, never come back to this resort again!".

To Be Continued in Disneyland Story Part 2

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