This story happens around the time that I was in 7th grade.  It was also when my family still went to our Buddhist Temple/Church on a semi-regular basis.  I have since forgotten how we got a crayfish, but I'm pretty sure we caught it from our church's pond.  I tell you, there's nothing like stealing a crayfish from church to help you get on God's good side.

We kept him in a rectangular white container, about the side of 3 pizza boxes stacked on top each other.  We filled it with water, and I think we periodically fed it small chunks of meat products.  Or vegetables, I forget . . . whatever the crayfish would eat.

I think my brother thought the bowl was kind of boring, so he wanted to add some rocks inside.  Seemed like a decent idea at the time, until the next morning, when we discovered the crayfish was missing.  Apparently he climbed the rocks to escape.  As I look back at this incident, the phrase "bad karma for stealing a crayfish" comes to mind.

The whole family was up cause it was a school day.  Instinctively, I thought that a crayfish would like to be near water, so I searched the bathrooms, but he wasn't there.  My dad found it behind the shoe rack, in what can be described as an attack position, with its claws straight up.  I think my dad captured it, and we put it back in the bowl, after taking out the big rocks, and putting smaller ones in the center of the bowl, where it couldn't climb out.

The thing about this incident, is that the crayfish was able to move the smaller rocks to the side somehow, and escape again.  Somehow it was caught again, though I'm not sure how.

We kept the crayfish for a while longer, I think till it died since I don't remember giving it away, or returning it back to the church.  What's the moral of the story?  Probably that you should not steal crayfish from church.

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