I went to the Chun family reunion, (my mom's side of the family).  It was held at the Ala Moana hotel, and the food was good.  The basic idea of this get-together was to bring together as many of the descendants of this dude, my great-grandfather, Chin Chun  He was born in 1878 and was the 6th of 7 children.  He lived in Hawaii, and gave birth to my grandfather, Pak Leong Chun in 1918.

Chin Chun (great-grandfather) had 2 roommates, and was an opium dealer (I hope this revelation keeps my family from complaining about ANY possible future occupation I may go into).  When Hawaii outlawed opium, his roommates left, leaving him with a chest of opium.  He saw a great, albeit illegal business opportunity.  He turned that opium stash into a huge profit to start a business empire.  He would later own 4 grocery stores, a candy store, and a commercial building in Hawaii.  However, I think having 11 children depleted the empire, oh wells.

Back to the dinner.  The organizers said they wanted to have a fireworks display.  However, since they are all tight, chang, Chinese people, they weren't going to have a real fireworks display.  Rather, they would part with a few bucks and buy a few balloons and toothpicks.  We each blew up a balloon, and popped it for our psudo-fireworks.  We had buffet food, and instead of seconds, my brother felt it necessary to "sample" all the 4 types of cakes that the hotel offered for dessert.  He then complained about my "weird" selection of melon, cantaloupe, chicken and rice for my 2nd serving.

We had some get-to-know-you games, which the Ninomiya family tends to be apathetic towards.  You were supposed to write down 3 facts about yourself on an index card for this game.  They suggested your High School, hobbies, interests, etc.

Here's what I put down:
I go to the University of Hawaii

Here's what my brother put down:
I eat
I sleep
I breathe

Luckily when the mixed the cards up, they didn't do a very good job.  My brother and I cards back from our Aunty, who was on our table.  We were supposed to find other people, but since we got our own cards back, we stayed put.  We just sat back and watched the spectacle of our 100 Chinese relatives, wandering aimlessly, trying to find each other based on 3 obscure facts they wrote about themselves.

Apparently they had like 4 more get-to-know-you games lined up for the evening, so knowing our family, always the death of the party, we slyly sneaked our way out the door and went home, but not before getting some free food.  We had some great memories, and I'm sure we'll cherish them until the next Chun family reunion.

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