It all started when we decided to eat at the Cheesecake Factory one Friday night.  The 6 of us squished into Tanya's truck and headed for DC.  We got off the freeway just fine and we were only a few blocks from Georgetown, but we missed the turn.  No big deal, just get back on the freeway, right? Well, I don't know who designs the roads up there, but they must really like watching the tourists get lost..  cause, well, let's just say we got pretty good at making a short trip long.  To top things off, the guys refused to let us ask for directions, and no matter how far off we got, they keep claiming they knew exactly where we were.

One hour later, we arrive in Georgetown. Our bottoms are somewhere between sore and numb cause that truck was not meant for 6 people, let alone 6 people for a 2 hour road trip.  We all just wanna get out of the car & eat some cheesecake!

The first thing you see when you enter Georgetown is . . . Cheese . . . Factory.  Naturally a friendly sign for poor lost travelers in search of some good cheesecake.  So I happily point out our destination just ahead and we proceed to find parking.

Well we walk in and I notice it's really ghetto inside (strange, cause the cheesecake factory is upscale kind of place).  But first things first, I really have to go to the bathroom.  There's a bathroom sign above this doorway, so i walk through, only to discover 3 alleyways with narrow crooked steps and multiple doors in each one.  After mistakenly opening every storage closet door, I finally locate the bathroom cause some thug comes out of that last door still wiping his hands.  I'm starting to freak out, not because there's a big guy coming toward me in a narrow alley, but cause my vision of the great cheesecake factory has just been jaded.

While I'm having my little ordeal, Aaron is wondering why it's so hard to find cheesecake on the menu at cheesecake factory. Dorothy wondering if those rickety stairs can possibly lead to some nicer part of the restaurant.

I come back out and Dorothy and Aaron are telling me to read the signs. It finally sinks in ... ILLITERATE IDIOT! We were really at cheeseSTEAK factory...

We were so hungry that we settled for some cheesesteaks.  True to the name, everything was just thrown on the bun, factory style and you have about a minute to eat the whole sandwich after they give it to you, or just like cinderella's pumpkins, they turn into a mushy pile of what used to be bread and meat.

A poor substitute ... no, not even a substitute.  So we pile back into the truck and 4 miles up the road, we reach our true destination ... cheeseCAKE at last =) 

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