I got up late and was in a rush to get to my Japanese class one morning.  I wasn't looking where I was parking, and just picked the closest open spot on Dole St. that I could find.  I then ran to class, then went to work, and finally at the end of the day, hung out at the club room.

Nelson was ordering my laptop (cause my credit card's limit wasn't high enough), and it came in that day.  He gave it to me in the club room, and we just hung out over there for a while.  Well, till around midnight, playing video games.  At this point, I'm pretty tired, so I decide to go get my car and drive home.  Sid is in the club room with me, and lives a few blocks away, so asks me for a ride home.  I tell him ok, but wait in the club room for me to get my car, since I parked a few blocks away.  It's raining, so I walk fast, and when I get to where my car should be, it's not there.

I'm thinking yay, someone stole my crappy car, I can get a new one.  However, I look around, and see I parked in a tow-away zone at certain hours of the day.  This sucks.  Not only do I still have my crappy car, but now I have to pay for the towing charge, and the ticket for parking in a tow-away zone.  Also, I will probably have to walk home (40 minute walk), . . .  in the rain, . . . with my new laptop, . . . at midnight.

I then walk back to the club room, and tell Sid the bad news.  He tells me if I walk with him to his house, he can give me a ride.  What are friends for?  So I walk a few blocks the other way to get to Sid's house, and he gives me a ride home.

The next day, I call the cops and find out where my car is.  I then catch the bus to the lot with all the other impounded cars.  I walk around lost for like half an hour, then finally find the place.  They only accept cash, and their ATM machine is broken, so I have to walk around for a few blocks to find an ATM at a local 7-11.  I then walk back to the place, and finally get my car.

After all that walking to get my car back, I think I finally appreciated the convenience of my car.  The fines and all came out to about $100.  I think that $100 is more than my car's worth, sigh.

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