Part of a Chat Conversation on September 2, 2000:
Annie: . . . so how IS ur car
David: well my car wasn't injured in the accident.  rigth now the problem more is that it leaks so the passenger's seat and the one behind it's floors are wet
Annie: lol!! oh god david~ im jus curious wat kinda car urs is? get it fixed u doof
David: heh, well duct tape worked for a while, but apparently there's more than one hole, so must hunt it down.  trying to spray a hose on it, but it's not working, like I don't see any definite leaks.  the car is an 88 chevy cavalier, tan
Annie: david tha man cruisin roun town in his 88 cav..:) .hEy :P well good luck ~

For the most part, my car is a piece of junk.  I'm not sure how it continues to run, I suppose it's one of those great mysteries of life that has no answer.  I tend to drive fast, (too fast according to my dad), but for the first couple of years of my driving experience, I was accident free.

Sometime in 1999 I got into my first car accident.  It was in a parking lot in Mililani . . .  with a parked car.  There was a small group of us, and we were on our way to watch a movie, Bullworth, that we had just rented from Blockbuster Video.  The group split up into me and Jodi in one car, Reed and Connie in another car, and Sid and Cheryl in the last car.  We're all supposed to meet up at Reed's house later, as Sid and Cheryl are going to get something to eat first.  Since it's around midnight, the parking lot is pretty empty, and I see no need to check behind me as I'm pulling out of my stall.


Aww crap . . . well must've hit something.  I look back, and yeah, I hit a parked car.  This would normally be a very bad situation in it of itself, but was made worse cause all of the car's owner's friends were hanging out nearby.  They were about twice my size, about 200 pounds each, with muscular builds.  There must have been about 10 of them.  On my side, was Jodi, a 5'3, 100 pound Japanese girl.  The situation was not looking too good.  Reed and Connie were also there, but I'm sure 2 of those big guys could have taken all 4 of us.

I hear his friends talking about the car, which now had a dented rear bumper.  My car was still in tact.  They were talking about how much it would cost to repair and everything.  Then the owner of the car comes by, about the same size as his friends.  I don't think I've ever been as ashamed and scared in my life.

I'm thinking he's going to say something along the lines of "you idiot, what the hell did you do to my car?!"  However, all he says to me is "I guess we should call the police and make a report".  I went from scared to relieved, but still had that ashamed feeling, along with unused adrenaline.  The police come, make a report, and we all head over to Reed's house to watch the movie.

We get there, expecting to see Sid and Cheryl yelling at us about how late we were, but they weren't there.  We wait a few minutes, and see them pull up.  We see Cheryl apologizing for how late they are, and Sid complaining about how long it took Cheryl to find something to eat.  Man, if I hadn't got into an accident, we would have been waiting for them for like half an hour.

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