When we were freshmen, my friend and I went to campus center and we were just fooling around.  We sat down at one of the tables they set up for companies, like the ones signing people up with cell phones or credit cards.

When girls would walk by, we would hold up a sheet of paper with a big "9" or "10" on it.  Since we were giving all of them big numbers, it was cool, and we were having fun.

Then my friend had this brilliant idea to give actual ratings, like what he really thought of them.  So if there was a girl who wasn't that pretty, he would give them ratings like a "6" or "7".   This caused some girls to came over and started yelling and swearing at us about their "low" rating.  I was like "oh my god", and was trying to hide my head and sneak away out of there.

Gosh, what an idiot.  Luckily we managed to get out of there before any security or staff caught us.  I was like, man, I'm never going to do that again.

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