I was catching the #3 bus home late one afternoon.  There was only me, an old lady sitting in the front, the bus driver, and some guy in his 30's sitting near me.  I was sitting all the way in the back, in the middle seat.  The guy sitting near me was shoddily dressed, and looked rather poor.  He was sitting 2 seats away from me.  Separating us was his round, white cake that was placed on the seat between us.

Out of no where, he pulls out a screwdriver and tries to rob me.  He told me something like "give me your money".  Since I had just gone to the ATM, I didn't want to hand it over.  At this point, in an act of both bravery and stupidity, I ripped the screwdriver out of his hand.  I forget what I said to him as I pulled the cord to get off the bus, and tried to walk away.  As I was walking away, I kinda knocked over his cake. . . and then kinda stepped on it.

This was actually a tramatic experience that I purged from my memory and it resurged while I was talking to some of my friends about like bad things that have happened in our lives.  I didn't feel any fear at the time but like I was scared shitless when I got home.

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