(The writer wanted to remain anonymous, but is a guy, around my age)

My friends and I had a mutual friend, (who we'll call Burgerman) who worked at burger king.  Burgerman's a really nice guy, but not too bright.  He kept bugging us to come by, telling us how much free food he could give us.  One evening, we went to Burger King for dinner to see just how much free food Burgerman could really give us.

We enter the Burger King, and the following conversation ensued between us and Burgerman:

"Yeah, I can get you some stuff . . . but you gotta go through the drive-thru.  Just give me some money, and I'll give it back to you in coins, or I'll give it back to you later so it doesn't look suspicious."

"What?  Are you serious?

"Yeah, just go through the drive-thru.  Trust me on this."

"Yeah, . . uh, ok . . "

(So we go back into our cars, and go through the drive-thru.)

"So what kind of stuff do you guys want?"

"Whatever you can get us Burgerman, maybe some burgers, fries and drinks."

"Uh, hmm . . . "

"Yeah . . . ?"

"Maybe this would be easier in the store . . can you come back into the store?"

"What?!  Fine . . . "

At this point, we're kinda confused, but still hungry.  We just want some food, so we park our cars, and go back into the store.

Burgerman tells us to have a seat at one of the tables, and he'll serve the food to us.  This is highly unorthodox, but ok.  We wait for a few minutes, then, all of a sudden, he comes out with 5 burger king bags, PACKED with food!  You couldn't even close the bags cause they were filled all the way to the top!  He gave us each an extra large cup of soda for good measure.

When we looked in the bags, we saw whoppers, chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, onion rings, extra large fries, the works.  The chicken nuggets, that normally come 6 per box were literally bulging, stuffed FULL of chicken nuggets.  We even got a huge stack of coupons for all kind of burger king deals.

We all looked at each other and were like "uhhh . . . o . . .k . . . "

We were trying to eat as much as we could, but this must have been like 10 pounds of food at least, probably more.  Also, the cashiers and other customers were all staring at us because of this massive pile of food on our table.  Now there were 8 of us, teenage males, and yet we were only able to finish like 3 of the 5 bags.  I think this one woman, sitting on another table, possibly the manager, was giving us the stink eye the whole time.

As we are going to leave, I wondered, "well, isn't the management going to wonder where all the stuff is?  I mean don't they do inventory at the end of they day?"  Burgerman was like "yeah, they do . . . but don't worry about it, I'll take care of it."  We left, not knowing if our friend would keep his job, or be fired for this stunt. We just wanted to get away from the scene of the crime, the suspicious customers, and especially from that woman who was giving us the stink eye the whole time through.  I'm not totally sure what happened, but I think he kept his job at burger king, cause I heard he was working there again a Summer later.

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