Webpages change all the time, and mines is no exception. I've tried to document the major changes as best I could in this "Revisions" section. The changes can be attributed to my changing interests over the years, as well as the purpose of this page. The original purpose was to post POEms, but now is more about posting advice and observations, as well as a small creative outlet for my writings.

I can't fully remember what my page looked like originally, but its design wasn't too different from how it is now.  I wanted my page to have a "Yahoo!" style, meaning an organized directory structure, and simple design.

[Note: My page has always used the title "David Ninomiya's POEms and Other Stuff" for the title bar of the main page, but for the archived version, it'll just say "Archived Version (real version at", as not to confuse anyone who may stumble upon it, and think all the links don't work.]

1998: This is what my original main page looked like when it debuted in 1998 (most links don't work).  Subsections looked like the one Here.
1999: The most convoluted version was something like this, around 1999.  I added yellow smileys, and changed the color of the links from red to white.  Subsections looked like the one Here.
2000: Not much of a change, just cleaned it up a bit.
2001: In 2001, I made the page just black, white, and aqua (white, not yellow smileys, and white, not red dots).  Also, no Edgar Allan Poe, since I realized the page was long past the point of being about POEms.  Also, new email, and now my preferred chat method was AOL Instant Messenger, rather than ICQ.  Subsections looked like the one Here.

This page was originally on Tripod for almost exactly a year.  However it had pop ups and I got tired of not being able to log in, so I moved it to Xoom.  Later, Xoom got bought out by NBCI, (which is now part of MSNBC), and they erased pages, so I moved it to brinkster.  Brinkster is a cool place to host a webpage, no ads of any kind, but no FTP access either, without paying for it.  I just decided I wanted to host my own webpage.  My long running re-director URL of still works, but refers to now.

The Original page had:

My POEms
My Friend's POEms
Other People's POEms
Other Stuff
Cool Musical Selections
Sick Stuff

I combined the 3 POEms sections into a "POEms" section.

Took the "Cool Musical Selections", which had classical music midi files, and made a "Cool Musical Selections / mp3 Stuff" combination section.

I added a section called "Art" which had famous paintings.  I later combined that with "Cool Musical Selections" to form a section called "The Arts".  Then "mp3 Stuff" became its own section.  I later erased the "The Arts" section all together.

I broke apart the Other Stuff section into an "Other Stuff" and a "My (Stupid) Theories" section since there were so many theories in the "Other Stuff" section.

Added a Guestbook section, then split it between "sign" and "view" guestbook, but now it's back to just a regular "Guestbook" section.

Added an "About Me" section, which later turned into "Me/Friends".

Have since added an "About this page", "UH/RAPS", "What's New", "Fun Stuff", and a "Short Stories for Annie" section . . . in that order . . . I think.

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