Red Blue

By David Ninomiya, Martin Uehara, and Gabriel Kwok
line 3 contributed by Grant Murakami, line 12 contributed by Lori Kobashigawa

Apples are red,
blueberries are blue,
cadavers are dead,
and so are you,
blood is red,
sad people are blue,
sheep can be cloned,
and so can you,
strawberries are red,
the sky is blue,
if you copy this,
my lawyers will sue.

Mars is red,
the ocean is blue,
fire breathes air,
and so do you,
Ferrari's are red,
Viper's are blue,
I crashed my car,
and so will you,
Mac's in the red,
IBM is blue,
the internet is sick,
and so are you,
Kalani is red,
Kam. is blue,
Bishop Estate sucks,
and so do you,
Iodine is red,
sapphires are blue,
acid will burn,
and in hell so will you,
the Red Cross is red,
the Blue Cross is blue,
they save poor people,
so they might save you,
fire engines are red,
police cars are blue,
they run red lights,
why can't you?
China is red,
Hong Kong was blue,
communists have won,
and democracy's through,
Iron is red,
your hair is blue,
you belong,
in a zoo,
Kain is red,
stone cold is blue,
you'll get killed,
by my crew,
Chiefs are red,
Seahawks are blue,
if I need cash,
I'll black mail you,
lava is red,
some flyers are blue,
you're in the dark,
you have no clue,
Stop signs are red,
blue jeans are blue,
sunflower's one loser,
you make two.

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