Mine Name

by Martin Uehara

Someone else hath used mine name,
They did bana things to destroy me,
By blighted deeds, acts of shame.
Heed not my warning doth these fools
For they hath ended with a yank,
And without their cord, their game went lame.
These morons tried thrice but failed.
Beknowest them, themselves to blame.
Might hath I forgiven them if they hath not
Logged in so, and kissed my dame,
They will suffer a misplacement,
For these miscreants abused mine name,
For I too must suffer, to the others I must explain,
Of their mischief.  And now each other they blame:
Pointing fingers like cowards so they have
A chance to escape mine vengeful aim
Which goes for all three stooges,
They doth continue being lame.
But methinks for sure than if I log in
To where they hath frolicked and came
My first alias is nearly ruined
And it may never be the same.
If mine great name dies, 'twill cometh back pure
Resurrected like the phoenix from its own flame.

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