I believe in Santa Claus


According to the 1990 Census count by the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 36,893,000 children under the age of 10 in the U.S.

There are 86,4000 seconds in a day.

This means that if Santa Claus had the whole day to deliver presents to JUST the children of the United States under the age of 10, (assuming all have been good), and if he delivered 1 present per child, he would have to deliver 427 presents per second.

If we assume the distances between houses is 1 yard, his reindeer would have to “fly” at speeds of 873 miles per hour.

Assuming every child leaves one ounce of a cookie and an ounce of milk, Santa would eat about 1,153 tons of cookies and drink about 288 thousand gallons of milk in one night.

If each present is only 3 cubic inches big, his sleigh would have to be able to hold 12 cubic miles of presents.

Assuming children write letters to Santa 1 months in advance and that his elves take 15 minutes to make one gift, (assuming they don’t eat, sleep, or shower) he would need about 13,000 elves.  Where he would get these elves to work in this sweat shop type thing, without being arrested is beyond me.

He would also have to be a master burglar, breaking into every house, and also, he would have to be immortal, seeing as how he seems to never die despite his old age.  He should move out of the cold north pole and retire to Florida with Mrs. Claus.

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