Small Explanation of the Show
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The show Homicide was a show on NBC, started in 1993, about the Baltimore homicide unit and its detectives.  The show had a lot of good lines, many funny, many serious.  The humor is not like a comedy, but dry, low key humor.  I'll give you a small list of the characters since I know most of you don't watch the show.  The show went off the air after 7 great seasons, and now has re-runs on CourtTV.  At the time, it was my favorite show, and still ranks among my favorites.

Some Terms

The Board- A board with the names of murder victims of baltimore that keeps track of the amount of cases solved by each detective.  Go Here to see the board.

The Box- Interrogation Room

Red ball- An almost impossible to solve homicide or a real bad situation

The bosses- People higher up than the lieutenant in the police department. 

The Characters

Laura Ballard- White female, 30's.  Came on in 1997.  She's like the "yeah, whatever" types of a detective who gets upset at things, but not trivial things.  She will speak her mind, but can be nice and playful.

Tim Bayliss- White male, 30 something.  The "rookie" detective who was partners with Frank for a long time.  He's young and idealistic.

Stan Bolander- White male, late 50's.  He was a big guy, detective, and he had high morals.  He was a grandfather type of character, thoughtful and kept a low profile.

J. H. Brodie- White male, 20 something.  The camera man, he was like a "dork" on the show, made fun of a lot, he was only on for one season.

Steve Crosetti- White male, late 40's.  He was a fat guy, detective, and was a down to earth and a moral person.  He cared about what things were, not what they should've or seemed to be.  Obsessed with Abe Lincoln.  He was caught up in the cases and it drove him to suicide.

Julianna Cox- White female, early 30's.  This was the medical examiner for a short time of the show.  Pretty, cynical and always a good sense of death humor.  She left in 1998.

Ed Danvers- White male, late 30's.  He's the assitant district attorney and is kind of stressed, especially when the Homicide detectives give him grief, =P which they do often.

Paul Falsone- Hispanic male, 20's.  Came on in 1997.  He's a tough detective guy who's divorced and has problems with his ex wife.  He's small, and is a jokester.

Beau Felton- White male, early 40's.  Tough, big wiseguy detective with a big ego.  He acts tough, but was really torn up about not being able to see his kids since he and his wife were divorced.  He was in the earlier shows but left in like 1996.

Stuart Ghardy- White male, late 50's.  He first showed up as a beat cop and let two black kids kill themselves while standing by.  He was acquited of any charge, and came on as a homicide detective, but John Munch still holds a grudge against him for the incident. He is getting divorced from his wife and has a sad, pessimistic view of women and society.

Al Giardello (Gee)- Black male, late 50's.  The lieutenant of the Homicide squad.  He runs things and is strict and mean.  He is a no nonsense type of character and is mainly concerned about solving cases.

Mike Giardello- Black male, late 30's.  New guy on the show, FBI agent, but acts like he's on the homicide unit.  He just came on in 1998.  He is Al's son.

Kay Howard- White female, 40 something.  Tough, but not too tough.  Like "one of the guys".  Serious, though jokes occasionally, and was one of the better detectives which kinda seperated her from the other detectives.  She moved up to sergent, but left the show in about 1997.

Mike Kellerman- White male, 30's.  He was a mean detective (came from arson) who didn't like taking crap.  Very agressive and violent temper.  He was sarcastic, and had to resign cause he unlawfully shot a drug kingping.

Meldrick Lewis- Black male, 40 something.  He's a detective, the regular laid back guy.  Not too serious, but is a little slow, though only a little.

John Munch- White male (Jewish), 50 something.  The "wise guy" detective who makes sarcastic comments.  He was divorced three times and is the pessimist of the show.  Funny in the way he complains and uses sarcasm.

Frank Pembleton- Black male, 40 something. The veteran no nonsense detective.  Considered the "star" of the show till he left the show in 1998.  He has a wife Mary and two daughters with her.  He also had a stroke and was off the unit for a while.

Megan Russert- White female, 40's.  She was a lieutenant like Gee but less liked by the department.  She was a mother, and it showed in the show with her "mother" attitude.  She was demoted to detective later in the show and left like in 1997.

Rene Sheppard- Black female, early 30's.  She's a new homicide cop, former beauty queen, and is treated more as a good looking woman than a cop, and she resents that from the other guy cops.

Terri Stivers- Black female, 40's.  She was a drug cop, but then moved to Homicide after working with them a while.  She is generally not a "happy" person, but not too mean.

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