Temp Shoutouts

The Green Mile - Another great movie from one of Stephen King's novels

Krista W. - my cousin, she's like smarter, taller, louder, has browner hair, but swears more, and has shorter hair than when I last met her, oh wells, can't win um all.

The color red - I'm just putting this in here after I had a got a lot of purple stuffs, namely the gift Taron gave my for xmas (purple silly puddy), as well as the cards from work and Reed for my birthday which were purple.

---(the following are the cool stuffs that helped me with finals for this sem, Fall 1999)---

Sour Cream and Onioin Pringles - good snack at midnight to 6 AM.

Cambell's Vegetable Soup - same

Reed S - for staying up till 2 or 3 most nights, so I didn't have to go outside and study ALL night, just from like 3 - 5 or 6 AM

PACON (the place I work at) - for giving me a lenient work schedule, and for giving me the key so I could sneak in late at night to use the comp to test some ics 111 code.

Blaw200 - for being real easy

Coca-Cola - caffine  =)

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