My Friend's Homepages
(or what passes for a homepage. most are never updated, kinda like my page)

Homepage of The Sage of the Grass
This site is TheDarkGrass's "Temple".  It has cool pictures that he drew himself.  It is basically a collection of his writings and some short stories.  The stories are pretty interesting, but I'll admit I didn't read all of them, but this site is cool

Dancing Vampire
Martin's Realm
This site is good for those who are aesthetic and patient.  There's a whole bunch of pictures, but it takes a long time to load them.  This site so far has lots of Japanese animation and chat stuff.  No longer under constrution, but it gets updated quite often.

Sid's Waiting Room =) =)
This site is so far the best of my friend's sites cause he updates it every week and has a lot of stuff on it.  It's a mix of funny things and things that make you step back and think.  If you have to go to only one of my friend's pages, go to this one cause it has the most stuff and the best chance you'll find something you'll like.  =)

Akaneshizu's Home Page =) Under Construction
This site is under construction cause Arshe is being a bum =P.  It's a bunch of links to Anime and has a few POEms, which is why I like it.  Arshe is a great POEt, and I wish she'd put more POEms on, but at least it's FINALLY another POEtic page!!  =)

Welcome to Catherine's Little Corner of Cyberspace!
This site is from a definite science major.  Some stuff on biology and the X-files!!!  =)  Overall pretty good, but Cat is busy with her labs so this page doesn't get updated very often.

illy and friend's page
hanai's homepage
This site is unique cause it's not my friend illy's site, but rather for her and her 4 other friends.  Very colorful backgrounds, and very, very interesting bios =P.

CH's page
She fixed her title=)  This site is pretty cool.  Lots of emphasis on the fact that she's a nerd.  =P woohoo!  She's updating it, though I don't know if it's just cause she has ICS 111 and needs to post the stuff to her page or what .. . but it's a nice page with a good layout.

It's an ICS 101 page, so not too much content.  I think she said she'll update so we can only hope.  =)  Has lots of info about herself, and lots of pics too.  Good page overall (maybe except for tons of pics.  =P

Welcome to Lauri's World!!
Simple ICS 101 page, what can I say.  It has some personal tastes and stuff.  not bad, better than other pages I know, but purple, =(

Taron's Internet Space Under Construction
Still under construction at the moment, but it's similar to Leiko's page.  In what sense?  I speculate they're both created cause Sid kept bothering them about it  =P  It has stuff about her friends and family, overall it's ok, but it's PURPLE!!! ewww =(

Yakko2k's Page of Stuff
This is yakko's page, not too much at the moment.  Just links and some netmonster thing, . .. which I'm still not quite sure what it is, but the site has potential.

Laruen's page
not much, just pics and writings (she has another page Here.  She has a small continual journal and other stuffs

Sandra's Little Corner of the World =)
not a bad page.   Lots of writing, and a pretty decent design.  the main feature is a link to her diary, which is updated often.

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