Chain Count

Ok, this is how I keep track of my chain letter collection.  I'll try to update it as much as possible.  If you have any chain letters, please send them to me,  Also, I won't give you credit if I already have the chain letter, but I will give you credit for any chain letter I do not have.  This means you can make up a chain letter yourself and send them to me, if you're that bored.  If you're wondering why this is in the Me/Friends section, well, cause this is MY chain letter collection, and it shows a few FRIENDS who gave it to me.  Also, check out my
Chain Letter Hall of Fame

626 Chains as of 9-2-2002

yak     162
sun     145
cat     52
cow     30
zey     25
teddy   23
tig     23
ega     19
rach    17
aloha   16
mel     15
gm      12
ren     12
waf     12
cal     11
dem     4
eev     4
kula    4
rhea    4
ritsu   4
mar     3
asuh    2
coco    2
ein     2
jac     2
jen     2
nat     2
scot    2
sid     2
agb     1
akane   1
1ajw    1
bet     1
cher    1
cks     1
kim     1
lin     1
mich    1
nell    1
oka     1
sha     1

This is my spreadsheet of how I keep track of how much Chains I have.
As for the type, well, P = Pictures, W = Words, B = Both

19980305   B   ega   angel
19980305   W   ega   instructions 4 life
19980310   B   cow   friendship rose
19980318   B   yak   love love
19980318   B   yak   totem
19980318   B   yak   tweety
19980318   B   yak   tweety2
19980318   P   yak   alien
19980318   P   yak   happy face tag
19980318   P   yak   stars
19980318   W   yak   articles
19980318   W   yak   chain letter stopper
19980318   W   yak   confused, eric mancough
19980318   W   yak   guiness book 1887
19980318   W   yak   love test
19980318   W   yak   top 10 places to make out
19980318   W   yak   top 10 why guys like girls. . .
19980318   W   yak   why guys like girls, vice versa
19980318   W   yak   you broke my heart poem
19980323   B   ega   rose, sea
19980323   W   cow   gf-bf
19980325   P   ega   calvin
19980327   W   ritsu   astrology
19980328   W   yak   friend like u poem
19980401   W   ega   101 friendship
19980402   W   sun   drunk poem
19980407   P   ritsu   parachuting cow
19980407   P   yak   paintball
19980408   W   ega   friendship test2
19980408   W   ega   self test
19980408   B   sun   hi aol train
19980408   W   sun   pillow fight
19980410   W   sun   365 sex
19980412   W   yak   relationship chain
19980416   W   yak   adam and eve
19980420   W   yak   digits
19980425   W   sun   friend poem
19980425   W   sun   u are my sunshine
19980427   W   ega   aol virus
19980503   W   akane   relationship test
19980503   W   cow   friendship
19980506   B   dem   scream3
19980506   W   tig   u are loved
19980506   W   sun   save a little girl
19980507   W   ega   death poems
19980508   P   sun   stars2
19980508   W   sun   win a holiday virus
19980508   P   yak   roses
19980510   P   sun   footprints
19980510   W   sun   friendship 2
19980510   W   sun   value of time
19980510   B   yak   friendship rose2
19980512   P   ritsu   splat
19980513   P   sun   asses
19980517   P   sun   handshakes
19980517   W   sun   friendship test
19980518   P   ega   hugs
19980518   W   teddy   babyxander virus
19980519   P   sun   roses2
19980522   B   yak   amazing, and works
19980522   P   yak   happy face tag2
19980522   W   yak   south park poem
19980524   W   ega   eye we todd did
19980525   B   ega   frog
19980526   B   dem   love potion
19980528   W   yak   aol warning
19980530   W   sun   aol warning 2
19980530   W   sun   camelot
19980531   W   sun   friend Jim
19980601   W   dem   colors
19980602   W   yak   kissathon
19980604   B   cow   we belong together
19980606   P   yak   esmiled, kite, =)
19980608   W   dem   someone loves you
19980609   W   sun   flashing AOL IM virus
19980609   W   sun   savannah olivia
19980610   W   sun   waterfall
19980612   B   sun   online friends
19980613   B   aloha   chain letter stopper2
19980613   W   aloha   chain letter stopper3
19980614   B   cal   dozen roses
19980614   B   tig   chain letter stopper4
19980615   P   sun   angel2
19980615   W   sun   aol chat petition
19980615   W   sun   what say, what mean, top 50
19980616   B   ega   witchcraft
19980616   W   sun   friendship test3
19980617   W   aloha   dog named sex
19980617   B   yak   friendship rose3
19980619   W   sun   wishes
19980623   W   yak   aol im petition
19980624   W   kula   brittney, always say I love you
19980624   B   sun   cyberhug
19980624   B   sun   hearts, clover, roses
19980630   W   ega   kissing license
19980630   W   yak   jesus
19980702   W   aloha   sex jokes
19980702   B   gm   a friend like you
19980702   W   gm   best buds
19980704   P   ega   pooh, pig, tiger
19980704   W   sun   smile poem
19980704   B   yak   hug o war
19980705   W   ega   68 things to do at walmart
19980707   B   gm   1000 smiles
19980709   W   aloha   isabella and gma
19980709   W   aloha   star poem, love advice
19980709   B   gm   elmo
19980709   B   sun   splat2
19980709   W   yak   10 dollar scam
19980709   W   yak   condom week
19980712   W   aloha   greetings from england
19980712   W   aloha   somebody . . .
19980712   W   sun   life's about
19980712   W   sun   password stealer
19980713   B   gm   rose, national care week
19980714   W   yak   how to be a cool asian
19980714   W   yak   save a little girl2
19980714   W   yak   you are loved
19980715   B   gm   splash
19980715   B   tig   yellow ribbon
19980715   B   sun   faces, friend poem
19980715   P   sun   cupid
19980715   W   yak   sex jokes2
19980716   B   gm   love is forever
19980717   W   cal   guy's names
19980719   P   tig   shooting star
19980720   B   tig   infectious smile
19980720   W   tig   titanic poem
19980721   P   yak   snoopy
19980721   W   yak   girl poem
19980722   W   aloha   blessed by love
19980722   W   yak   candy
19980722   W   yak   nails
19980724   W   aloha   toilet
19980724   W   gm   save a little girl3
19980724   W   teddy   pray for a little girl
19980726   B   yak   5 words
19980727   W   cow   electronic greeting card scam
19980728   W   coco   wilson ho, UIN 3433909 virus guy
19980728   W   cow   bud screen saver virus
19980728   W   cow   join the crew virus
19980728   W   cow   aol tools exe virus
19980728   W   cow   IE virus
19980801   W   cat   UH parking, bill 33
19980801   W   cow   save darren
19980801   W   cow   angel1213 and goto123
19980802   W   sun   vla update aol virus
19980803   W   kula   I hate boys, I hate girls
19980804   W   sun   heather dicks and dennis samson
19980804   W   teddy   aol hacker
19980805   W   yak   jerry
19980808   W   sun   friendship test4
19980808   W   yak   sex quotes
19980810   B   tig   tweety3
19980810   W   sun   windows security hole
19980810   W   sun   guiness book 1999
19980810   W   sun   body part going to heaven
19980810   W   yak   kissathon2
19980811   W   kula   gum joke
19980813   W   aloha   unactive icq members
19980813   W   aloha   questionaire
19980813   W   gm   die, die, die
19980815   W   sun   mark stops bill's suicide
19980815   W   sun   aol im petition2
19980815   W   yak   quotes
19980818   W   sun   25 things to do at taco bell
19980818   W   sun   aol im petitions are false
19980819   B   yak   save a little boy
19980819   P   yak   pooh bear
19980820   W   mar   heaven's grocery store
19980821   W   gm   friendship test5
19980821   W   yak   passing on favors
19980822   W   sun   bud screen saver virus2
19980823   W   aloha   frog to 15 yr old girl
19980825   W   sun   self test2
19980826   B   cat   teddy bear hug test
19980828   W   1ajw   disney scam
19980831   W   tig   questionaire2
19980901   W   sun   join the crew virus2
19980901   W   sun   john blanchard and love through mail
19980901   W   sun   altoids and sex
19980901   W   sun   lord and 26 guys
19980901   W   sun   women are wonderful poem
19980901   W   sun   bible misquotes
19980901   W   sun   22 things a guy should do for a girl
19980901   W   sun   wishes2
19980901   W   sun   aids warning
19980901   P   sun   hallmark kids
19980901   P   sun   jesus2
19980901   B   sun   twinkle twinkle little star
19980902   W   sun   treasure of friendship poem
19980906   P   teddy   snoopy2
19980906   B   cow   old man to magic fairy
19980908   B   teddy   friendship rose4
19980909   W   aloha   number test
19980910   P   sun   hershey's kisses
19980910   B   sun   friendship pics and stuff
19980910   W   sun   self test3
19980912   W   sun   love poem
19980912   W   sun   love test2
19980913   W   teddy   greatest pain in life poem
19980913   W   gm   constitution of love
19980913   W   cow   jesus3
19980913   B   sun   friendship stuff
19980915   P   cat   magic genie
19980916   P   sun   goofy and hug coupon
19980916   W   tig   screw chain letters
19980916   B   mar   pooh, national-care week
19980916   B   cat   pooh bear and hug poem
19980919   W   yak   blond jokes
19980919   W   yak   save the arts
19980919   W   yak   birthdays
19980919   W   cow   someone loves you2
19980920   P   aloha   pepsi truck
19980920   P   coco   cats
19980924   W   sun   find a little girl
19980928   B   tig   you are loved3
19980928   P   tig   cookie monster
19980929   W   sun   drugs in baby
19980929   W   tig   love test3
19981001   W   sun   jesus4
19981001   W   sun   slobbered
19981002   W   kula   italian misquotes
19981002   W   yak   guardian angel
19981002   W   yak   relationship test2
19981002   B   cow   snowball
19981002   P   yak   pochacco
19981002   P   yak   magic genie2
19981003   W   sun   ecoli in juice
19981003   W   rhea   aids warning2
19981005   B   teddy   pooh bear2
19981005   W   teddy   injured war guy
19981009   W   teddy   you know you're drunk when . . .
19981009   W   mich   aids warning3
19981010   W   sun   neiman marcus cookies
19981010   W   sun   stolen kidneys
19981010   B   teddy   relationship chain2
19981010   W   teddy   idea of a good friend
19981012   W   yak   dentist
19981012   W   yak   jesus5
19981013   W   teddy   the gift
19981015   W   sun   we are loved
19981015   W   sun   angels, hugs, etc.
19981015   W   sun   friend poem2
19981016   W   cow   remember
19981016   W   cow   aids warning4
19981020   W   sun   creation of a pussy
19981020   P   ren   tiger and marshmallows
19981021   W   teddy   treasured friends
19981021   W   ren   shampoo warning
19981022   W   sun   how to kill an eel
19981024   W   teddy   where is heaven
19981024   W   teddy   michael singing
19981025   W   tig   rainbow
19981027   W   yak   teddy stoddard and mrs thompson
19981028   W   oka   licensed to kill film
19981028   P   yak   scrolling pics
19981029   W   teddy   kiss war
19981029   W   yak   darren with ostriopliosis
19981029   W   yak   totem2
19981030   W   sun   friend poem3
19981030   W   cat   relationship test3
19981030   W   sun   1979-1980 kids
19981102   W   teddy   things in college
19981102   W   teddy   universal rx, hershey kiss
19981106   W   tig   hate list
19981108   W   mar   john glenn with ape suits
19981109   W   yak   matthew sheperd
19981110   B   yak   snowball2
19981113   W   sun   a link
19981114   P   yak   mufasa
19981114   W   sun   sex jokes3
19981116   W   teddy   friend statement
19981116   W   teddy   i am your angel
19981116   W   sun   links
19981117   W   tig   names
19981117   B   tig   totem3
19981120   B   sun   someone who you love with will love you
19981120   P   sun   beer truck
19981120   P   sun   cocacola truck
19981120   W   sun   the word
19981120   W   sun   virtual screw
19981120   W   sun   college life
19981121   W   yak   a simple friend, a real friend
19981121   W   sun   urban legends
19981121   W   cow   flashing headlights
19981121   W   cow   smile virus
19981121   W   cow   blood disease
19981121   P   cow   jesus6
19981126   P   sun   bad times virus
19981130   W   ren   song
19981202   B   ren   tiger
19981202   W   ren   toothbrush
19981203   W   rhea   twas the night before finals
19981204   W   cal   questionaire3
19981204   W   ren   gray elephant from denmark
19981206   B   cow   happy holidays
19981206   W   sun   dick and jane
19981209   B   cow   self test4
19981210   B   yak   tiffany stark, stars, angel
19981210   W   teddy   friend poem4
19981213   W   sun   community7 virus guy
19981214   B   yak   cupid2
19981214   B   cow   happy face, finals
19981223   W   sun   grinch
19981225   W   cow   egg, corruption
19981226   B   cat   heart, national-care week
19981226   P   cat   pochacco2
19981226   W   cat   wishes3
19981226   W   cat   how do you know if it is true love
19981227   W   cat   3 girls with bad luck
19981227   W   cat   cow joke
19981227   W   cat   selena mazzoni
19981227   W   cat   blind boy and a dead flower
19981227   B   cat   wishes4
19981227   B   cat   rose, college
19981228   W   sun   aol hacker2
19990108   W   cat   hilfiger boycott
19990110   W   sun   online friend poem
19990114   B   sun   roses3
19990114   W   sun   aol oath
19990114   W   sun   eva's place
19990115   B   sun   roses and poem
19990115   W   sun   aol pop up petition
19990122   B   cal   turtle
19990123   W   vb   love poem2
19990128   W   cat   girl poem2
19990129   W   tig   friend poem5
19990131   W   sun   canned drink warning
19990202   W   cat   I've learned
19990203   B   sun   love poem3
19990206   W   sun   norton
19990207   B   aloha   self test5
19990209   W   sun   save a little girl4
19990210   W   sun   valentine connie
19990211   W   cal   kiss war2
19990218   W   ritsu   screw chain letters2
19990220   W   rach   top 10 rejection lines
19990220   W   rach   kelly sedey and others
19990220   W   rach   save a little girl5
19990220   W   rach   tamara martin and second hand smoke
19990221   W   rach   you're a teenager when . . .
19990224   W   sun   happy worm virus
19990226   W   ega   astrology2
19990226   B   rach   self test6
19990302   W   zey   movie
19990303   W   rach   6degrees states chain
19990303   B   rach   splat3
19990306   W   ega   movie2
19990306   W   sun   blue mountain virus
19990306   W   zey   6f's
19990307   W   rach   why it sucks to be a dick
19990308   W   rach   birthday list
19990310   W   zey   questionaire4
19990311   W   zey   carrot 7
19990311   W   yak   pick up lines
19990311   W   yak   may you
19990311   W   zey   questionaire5
19990313   W   sun   sherry
19990313   W   sun   save a little girl6
19990313   W   cat   list of names
19990313   W   sun   computer prayer
19990313   W   agb   scholarship
19990314   B   rach   stars with names
19990314   W   zey   tale of 2 lovers
19990316   B   rach   hi people, splat3a
19990316   W   rach   kisses poem
19990317   W   yak   vote for sublime
19990317   W   zey   meanings of the word fuck
19990319   B   zey   friendship test6
19990320   B   rach   tongue licking contest
19990321   W   zey   abortion
19990321   W   sun   self test7
19990322   W   zey   only in america
19990323   W   yak   don't drink and drive pledge
19990324   B   sun   colors2
19990324   W   zey   men and women's english
19990324   W   zey   you know someone is from hawaii if. .
19990325   W   mel   save a little boy2
19990326   B   sun   stars with names2
19990327   B   yak   magical garden
19990328   W   sid   melissa virus
19990328   W   zey   star for each answer survey
19990328   W   zey   pretty fly for a president
19990328   W   yak   qt
19990328   W   rach   friends are friends forever
19990328   W   sun   aol billing warning
19990329   W   cow   it takes guts to say jesus virus
19990330   W   rach   pregnancy poem
19990331   W   yak   squint eyes to see it
19990401   W   cat   every woman should have
19990404   W   sun   gas out
19990404   W   cal   guy bashing
19990405   W   nat   south park pop up clip
19990406   W   rach   taco bell video
19990406   W   yak   milk video
19990407   W   zey   questionaire6
19990408   W   tig   video pop up
19990409   W   yak   blond jokes2
19990409   W   yak   send to 10 ppl or get bad luck
19990409   W   zey   around world 9 times
19990411   W   sun   clinton story
19990411   W   sun   birthday list2
19990411   W   sun   backstreet boys petition
19990412   W   cat   surcharge charge for net access
19990413   W   sun   buddy list link
19990413   W   yak   blue man
19990413   W   yak   y2k vcr
19990415   B   zey   high school years
19990416   B   teddy   friendship test7
19990416   W   sun   christians and chalk
19990422   W   sun   scrubs
19990424   W   tig   colorado shooting
19990427   W   yak   colorado shooting2
19990429   W   mel   colorado shooting3
19990429   W   yak   doll and white rose
19990501   W   scot   blue lady
19990502   W   zey   10 things that piss me off
19990506   W   sun   aol online y2k virus
19990506   W   sun   aol box
19990507   W   zey   make other people crazy
19990515   B   cat   red roses after husband's death
19990519   W   scot   purity test
19990523   W   teddy   hospital story
19990524   B   sun   hugs and bear
19990524   W   sun   aol im petition3
19990602   B   yak   friendship bracelet
19990602   B   yak   stars with names3
19990602   W   sun   mirror and bed pillow
19990604   W   zey   remember his name
19990604   W   yak   kisses
19990607   W   cat   bill 602p
19990609   W   mel   bill cosby
19990609   W   sid   what do you think of me?
19990609   W   cow   don't dial 9 0 pound sign
19990616   W   yak   jack speeding
19990616   W   yak   jesus7
19990624   W   cat   gap giveaway
19990629   W   sun   don't lick envelopes at atms
19990701   W   cher   star wars names
19990702   W   yak   daddy's date rules
19990706   W   sun   condom slogans
19990707   W   cat   your rights as an american
19990718   W   cow   colorado shooting4
19990722   W   tig   self test8
19990724   B   zey   stars next to stuff you did
19990724   W   zey   female comebacks
19990729   W   sun   old navy
19990812   W   jac   marriage quiz
19990812   B   mel   stars next to stuff you did2
19990820   W   yak   cows cows cows
19990822   W   yak   gullibility virus
19990831   B   tig   britney v christina
19990902   W   jac   rules of sex
19990910   W   nat   screw chain letters3
19990912   W   sun   lump of coal
19990912   W   sun   heart attack prevention
19990913   W   cat   self test9
19990918   W   mel   25 things a perfect guy would do
19990919   W   yak   everyday survival kit
19990921   B   mel   wishes5
19990925   W   sun   california virus
19990926   B   mel   roses4
19990927   W   yak   homeless guy at mcdonalds
19990930   W   cat   self test10
19991001   W   cat   sara lee food poisoning
19991004   W   mel   m and ms
19991016   W   yak   what guys and girls want
19991016   W   yak   never say I love you poem
19991016   W   cow   beware of sex offenders
19991019   W   mel   pray until something happens
19991019   W   mel   self test11
19991022   W   cow   blind dad at football game
19991025   W   rhea   screw chain letters4
19991104   W   yak   what do angels look like
19991104   W   yak   jesus8
19991104   W   ren   colorado shooting5
19991105   W   ren   if tomorrow never comes
19991106   W   nell   hunger site at UN
19991119   W   yak   friend poem6
19991120   W   gm   names with stars
19991127   W   yak   quotes about friends
19991203   B   ren   love test4
19991203   W   cat   say a prayer
19991204   W   cat   jenny and the car crash
19991217   W   sun   best buy
19991218   W   zey   how to say I love you in diff langagues
19991225   W   mel   aol and intel giveaway
19991230   W   cat   urban legends2
20000104   B   sun   natural highs
20000105   B   yak   love test5
20000108   W   yak   i'll be there
20000108   W   sun   lord to bless you
20000110   W   sun   journal of friendship
20000110   W   waf   an angel in your pocket
20000112   W   yak   desi1love virus
20000115   W   sun   missing kelsey brooke jones
20000130   W   waf   help klain
20000130   W   waf   candle of love and hope
20000203   W   waf   national care week
20000204   W   cal   bobby and carrie
20000207   W   cal   gross guiness records
20000207   W   waf   save a little girl7
20000212   W   cat   how much does a prayer weigh
20000213   W   waf   rudy's angel
20000214   W   rhea   star wars name2
20000217   W   cat   microwaving water is bad
20000219   W   sun   my special list
20000226   W   sun   cocacola
20000228   W   cat   smart women
20000228   W   waf   love someone
20000229   W   waf   misty
20000303   W   sun   blue mountain virus2
20000303   W   cat   jesus9
20000305   W   waf   greetings from england2
20000308   W   waf   jesus10
20000309   W   cat   mr. marshall's 3rd grade class
20000310   W   sha   screw chain letters5
20000312   W   cat   self test12
20000314   W   mel   hotmail member deletion
20000315   W   cat   stupid game
20000316   W   waf   women's strengths
20000317   W   tig   don't lick envelopes
20000318   W   lin   everything happens for a reason
20000329   W   cat   yesterday today tomorrow
20000407   W   waf   top ten signs ur in love
20000408   W   tig   ericksson phones
20000411   W   mel   ppl come into your life for a reason
20000412   W   ren   suppose u never wake up
20000416   W   mel   you have been snuggled
20000419   W   mel   143
20000503   W   ren   100 dollars
20000506   W   cat   wishes6
20000508   B   yak   friend cat
20000512   P   sun   lots of symbols
20000512   W   sun   self test13
20000522   W   yak   teletubies after a drink
20000524   W   ren   kilingerman virus
20000609   W   cat   thong song
20000616   W   cat   bad summer camps
20000616   W   cat   self test14
20000619   W   zey   questionare7
20000915   W   zey   why are u crying
20000921   W   yak   irish blessing
20000929   W   ega   ethnic virus
20001004   W   cat   perfect heart
20001005   W   yak   pretty park virus
20001006   W   kim   not saving stuff for later
20001020   W   yak   blond jokes3
20001101   W   yak   guess who likes u
20001102   W   yak   rh power inc email tracker
20001103   W   yak   crushing
20001105   W   yak   i just wanted to say
20001120   W   yak   best buds2
20001201   W   cat   bill clinton
20001205   W   cat   ruth
20001206   W   asuh   virus warnings
20001207   W   yak   missing dollar
20001207   B   yak   fortune cookie
20001208   W   cat   would have done
20001218   W   yak   have you ever noticed that
20010104   W   yak   santa
20010110   W   yak   power of prayer
20010125   W   cal   friendship test6
20010129   W   yak   back to the time when
20010307   B   cat   boobs
20010314   W   ein   save the amazon
20010330   W   yak   snotty chickenchunks
20010406   W   jen   napster
20010410   W   cat   ladies bumper stickers
20010410   W   cat   slave master
20010412   W   asuh   it takes guts to say jesus
20010414   B   yak   10 commandments of teens
20010509   W   yak   aids warning5
20010509   B   yak   what girls really mean
20010509   B   yak   matt and rosie
20010517   W   cat   dalai lama
20010603   W   ein   to mr bush
20010607   W   yak   seize the moment
20010610   W   yak   billy and katie
20010619   B   cal   dr seuss cat
20010629   W   jen   microsoft-aol refund
20010815   W   yak   rocks
20010818   W   eev   near to the door
20010818   W   eev   best friends
20010828   W   yak   aaliyah
20010903   W   eev   aaliyah2
20010907   W   yak   if you believe in god
20010907   W   eev   26 things a perfect guy would do
20010913   W   yak   sept 11 prayer
20010914   W   cks   unappreciated america
20010915   W   yak   sept 11 in memory of
20010916   W   yak   sept 11 condolences
20010921   W   bet   virtual card for you virus
20010929   W   yak   lord is my strength
20011005   W   yak   afghanistan women petition
20011013   W   yak   sept 11 chain
20011015   W   yak   overturn school prayer ban
20011027   W   yak   how to treat your gf
20011027   W   yak   afghanistan women petition2
20011027   W   yak   maybe
20011031   W   yak   god speaking
20011116   W   yak   best friend test
20011126   W   yak   i hope you
20011201   W   yak   self test15
20011202   W   yak   marine in okinawa poem
20011205   W   yak   angels club
20011210   W   yak   sept 11 christianity
20011229   W   cal   virus warnings2
20011229   W   cat   chicago story
20020109   W   yak   save a little girl8
20020112   W   yak   callme
20020122   W   waf   screw chain letters6
20020128   W   yak   colorado shooting6
20020214   W   yak   brandon and pancakes
20020221   W   yak   friendship test7
20020326   W   yak   101 reasons why will always be friends
20020406   W   yak   50 things admissions never told you about
20020409   W   yak   howard kelly
20020501   W   yak   you are loved2
20020629   W   yak   honor students
20020710   W   yak   sept 11 the lady
20020717   W   yak   the rented room
20020818   W   yak   lord's prayer
20020821   W   yak   right to religious freedom
20020902   W   yak   gary hogan

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