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David Hiromitsu Ninomiya     a.k.a. Theseus or Theseus51 (the 51 is for Area51 in Nevada)
1980 AD-2052 AD


As for that little 1980-2052, well I'll probably forget about this page when I grow up, and playing the odds of the average life span of an American male, I figure I will probably die in 2052.  In anycase, for those of you that don't chat, a/s/l is the lazy way of asking age, sex, location.  Well, I'm /male/Hawaii.  About that Hawaii part, I'm more specifically from Palolo Valley, which is in Honolulu, which is on the island of Oahu.

Not sure what else to say, I graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with degrees in MIS (Management Information Systems) and Finance.  I am usually always involved in more clubs than I should be, but that's just how it turned out getting involved:

Intermediate School Orgs: Band (2 years, clarinet), Math Team (1 year)

High School Orgs: Band (2 years, clarinet), Math Team (3 years, co-captain 1 year), Interact (3 years, VP 2 years), NHS (3 years), Academic Decathalon (2 years)

College Orgs: Regents & Pres. Scholars Club (4 years, Treas. 1 year), ASUH aka Student Gov. (3 years, Chair of the Investments Committee 1 year, Treas. 1 year), ICS Club (3 years, Webmaster 1&1/2 year, Listmaster 1 year, VP Promotions 1 year), MIS Club (1&1/2 years), Financial Mgt. Assn. (1 year, Director of Finance 1/2 year, Chief Financial Officer 1/2 year), Alpha Beta Chi (1&1/2 years, Director of General Business, 1/2 year).

Math Team High scorer awards = 3
SAT Verbal = 620
SAT Math = 790
AHSME = 90
AP Lit/Comp = 2
AP Calculus AB = 5
AP Calculus BC = 4
AP Macroeconomics = 4

Ok, thanks for reading all of my ramblings.  That's me, David Ninomiya. 

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