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In March 1998, I decided I wanted to make a webpage, and on May 14, 1998 (same day as the last Seinfeld episode), it debuted.  The original idea for this page was just a place to post some of my POEms cause a few people liked them.  When I started making the page, I added the POEms, but also a few sick (but tasteful) jokes, some of my "theories", classical music midi's (sound files) and a few links.

There have been many changes since May 14, 1998, with me adding a whole bunch of stuff.  For a brief history of the changes that this page has gone through, click Here.

Well, this page was made with the help of a few people, but is totally maintained by me.  I used both Netscape Composer and Microsoft Notepad to edit the files on this page.  It contains about 400 text files and a few megs of disk space.  I've spent many hours working and maintaining this page, and it gets about 1-2 hits per day . . . God only knows who.  For the list of the people who either helped me make this page initially, or who contributed POEms to it, click Here

Below are the four biggest questions or comments I have about my site, so I'll answer them:

Your page is ugly, or has no colors/designs.
Nothing is easier to read than black on white, or solid colors on black.  In other words, I put no backgrounds so it's easier for you, the reader to read.  Also, images and stuff take longer to load, and I think the page looks more professional being plain.  Another reason is that I'm too lazy to be creative with color, I try to save my creativity for writing =).

Your theories (in My (Stupid) Theories) are weird and/or I don't agree with them.
Oh wells, I can't please everyone.  I think in the long run, most people come around and tend to realize my theories are correct, so if you don't agree with them now, come back in a few months or years, and maybe you'll see why I'm correct.

What's with the name Watermelon PROFiles?
Well this one is pretty easy, a few actually.  Actually, to tell you the truth, I forgot some of them myself =P.  Anyway it was cause the colors of a watermelon are the same as UH's (green and white).  Also, watermelons are the biggest fruit, so it's a "big" collection of profiles, and basically it was cause you can't take something named Watermelon PROFiles THAT seriously right? Well I hope not. . .anyway I was talking to Connie and Cherise one day at dinner, and Connie gave me some interesting reasons why she "thought" it was named that way.  One was cause it grows on vines, and it's like what I've heard, like through a grapevine kinda thing.  Also, that we (students) are seeds, stuck in the watermelon.  I can't remember what else she said, but I like the "grapevine" idea, looking back, I should've named it "Grape PROFiles". . .oh wells.

Who's Annie?  (As in the Short Stories for Annie).
She's a chat friend from New York that likes stories . . . and no, she's not my girlfriend.  Once in a while, she would just be like "tell me a story", so I did, and got to be a decent story teller.  That's why I dedicated this section to her.

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