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The following people who helped with olymptrade review the logistical creation of my page, and taught me how to make one in the first place.  The reason this page doesn't identify some people by name, is cause these people are the type that probably would rather not give their real names out.

Dancing Vampire

I would also like to thank all the people who contributed POEms to my page, helping it get off the ground fxpro minimum deposit.  There are tons of people who have since contributed something, but these people helped in the early stages, so I'd like to thank them.

Contributors to POEms in my page:

Dancing Vampire
Helen Keller
Katherine Kim
Lori Kobashigawa
Edgar Allan Poe
me, well, hey, I did contribute didn't I? =P
Andrew Lloyd Webber
email any questions, finmax online, comments, chain letters, death threats, etc. to: dninomiya@hotmail.com, or AIM me at Theseus51, or MSN me at my email, but I don't use MSN as much.